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TEMA: NOTI. Roma protest Hungarian Guard poster campaign

NOTI. Roma protest Hungarian Guard poster campaign 15 años 5 meses antes #140

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January 05, 2009

Roma protest Hungarian Guard poster campaign

By Hungary Around the Clock

www.politics .hu/20090105/ roma-protest- hungarian- guard-poster- campaign

Anti-Roma posters affixed by the far-right group the Magyar Gárda appeared in Rakamaz, Szabolcs county on Friday, prompting dozens of local Roma residents to converge on the main street armed with hoes and scythes.

In one case a resident was found to have a samurai sword stashed under his coat. Police secured the area and launched proceedings against the man with the sword, before finally persuading the Roma to return to their homes.

Magyar Gárda county commander Tamás Seres said the group had had nothing to do with the posters and had not planned any marches. He asserted that "it is
now becoming clear in whose interest it would be to put up such posters," but when pressed who he had in mind, Seres said he "would not say it out loud."
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