Wake up Valencia!!


Demonstrating that we are able to create in Valencia, with the help of the associative movement and with shared responsibility, an “Autonomous Council of Romani People” would be an historic step. This Council would allow us to participate in a more effective way to the development and application of the social politics.

Also the Council member of the Department of Social Welfare, Asunción Sánchez Zaplana, defined the first reunion with the associative gypsy movement of this community as an historical moment. During the reunion, focused on the preparations for the next 8th of April celebration, the Council member clarified her position and willingness in order to prosecute our requests without imposing anything. Everybody approved this position and they wanted to take advantage of this occasion in order to show their support toward the creation of the “Autonomous Council”.

The Maranatha Federation has been requiring it for years, because this Council would improve the positioning of our associative movement at a state level, where other regions with less gypsy people are better represented thanks to their corresponding Autonomous Council. Besides, this Council would improve the positioning of our associative movement also at a European level: we should take advantage of it in particular with the Europe 2020 Strategy that will inaugurate a new political period. As a matter of facts, this Stategy will give the priority to the Inclusion of Romani people providing them with all types of resources.


The idea of the institution of an “Autonomous Council of Romani People” was verified thanks to the unanimous agreement expressed during the reunion with the Council member and with the new General Director of the Integration, Social Inclusion and Cooperation, Herminia Palomar Pérez. This Council would provide the Romani community in Valencia with a totally sustained voice in order to defend our interest in Madrid and in Brussels. Above all, it would be used to give effectiveness to the service provided by all of us that, finally, is what we really matter. With the collaboration of the Valencian Government, we will clarify and coordinate systematically the politics and resources needed to reach the challenges we have to face.


We need to recognize the merit and work realized by the Council of the Department of Social Welfare: it succeded in gathering all the people who were there to organize the celebration of the International Romani Day, which will have an undisputed impact. Moreover, it will also be the beginning of a joint work and a first step towards the “awakening” of a Valencian associative movement which needed an update and a clear agreement with our people.