IV International Seminar Rroma 

Translation by: Lijela Stafa

The first International Seminar Rroma held in 2008, was the starting point for this site, which allows through forums, news, editorial and multimedia content, to reach millions of people and have a powerful tool that allows us to convey the feelings of our people for the whole society.

The second seminar approached us in a very special way: the reality experienced by the Roma across America; while in the third seminary, we are offered the opportunity to participate in the proposed European Strategy 2020, which were accepted by the European Commission.

The particular emergency situation that brought the current economic crisis, means that, this fourth edition of the seminar focuses its attention on finding urgent solutions that will allow us to develop concrete plans for obtaining financial resources.

A goal that forces us to sharpen our senses very well and combine our efforts into work teams, these days, let's summarize and define formulas that can be applied in the short and medium term.

For this reason, the seminar will bring together leading representatives of Romani of Spain and Europe, with a very defined profile, as these people, are going to be inspiring and dynamiting of the course that we will follow. Bringing us together, the keys necessary to satisfy our employment and social situation with the best expectations.

Know the launch of the "Coordinator Network for Employment" recently established in Santander (see), where, how many Romani associations participating Autonomous Communities. But we also know of other cooperation initiatives with a strong support of the Valencian Government and of the German, so as a self-employment program gypsy, developed in Hungary which has been recognized by the European Commission. All this, after the review of policies for employment and self-rom work were applied and got up the development in the coming years.

Marcel Cohurthiade expose the present and the future employment of Roma in France and Hollande's proposal to this effect has offered in response to the new conflict caused by recent expulsions and what happened this week in Marseille (see). In another vein, hand Diepold Alexander, director of the Asylum gGmbH (Bavaria), for the first time there will also be a chance to get to know the reality of the Roma in Germany since the Holocaust until today.

Finally, I want to extend from here the invitation to all who wish to participate in this event, either as listeners or participating in the working groups. I have no doubt that this will mark a before and after in the history of our actions, one of the most difficult challenges and, in turn, the largest ones we could afford.

José Alfredo Maya Maya

Presidente de la Federación Maranatha de Asociaciones Gitanas

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