The other Hungary 

Translation by: Lijela Stafa

Once again, the press returns to show the image of Hungary, the second most important city, Miskolc, flying torches and intimidating slogans against the Roma community, shouting "we will not leave them alone" .A radicalism that is based on the legality of the country Magyar in the policies conducted by the neo-Nazi acronym Gabor Vona, offering a picture of that "another Hungary", in which are positioned, not only against the Romani people themselves, but also against the vast majority of Hungarians who want cohabitation together peaceful and respectful and also aid for the most disadvantaged.

In fact, earlier this month, we had the opportunity to visit a part of Hungary, where we can personally ascertain the unequivocal attitude of support, which, with its Romani community, keeps many local and regional authorities who do not hesitate to have the necessary mechanisms because, in coordination with the Romani organizations, have launched several initiatives that promote an improvement of their living conditions and prospects, with particular emphasis on the attention paid to the children.

Of course, we know this is not the case across the country, especially in the regions and the municipalities most affected by Jobbik. Places that are giving rise at conflicts that we all know, like what happened the last March, in the city of Gyöngyöspata (see), or the number of attacks with victims that characterize members of the banned Hungarian Guard, a paramilitary organization covered by Gabor Vona.

The previous of this type, which adds an end to the mass demonstration protagonist of this week against the largest ethnic minority in Hungary; everything obliges us not to take lightly the course of events. The oral arguments opportunist who are having against gypsies in these times of crisis, staging along with the most pure "Aryan" style, with which Gabor Vona adorns his speeches, reminds us of the protagonists acts of Hitler,, who also knew how to use a so difficult moment, to be predominately voted of the German population, in which as a general discontent, decided to be conquered by a nationalist sentiment and exclusionary.

We all think that, basically, you cannot go on to repeat these things, at some point, the weaknesses of the company and its government, may also cause a change in the balance of political forces and lead to a situation that allows realizing the demands of the more radical.

As has happened in Hitler's Germany, and, as might happen if Gabor Vona and his party have a chance.

With about 12% of the seats currently available for the political party Jobbik, his followers set "another Hungary" to channel the discontent of a part of citizenship and appease his frustration by attacking the most defenseless of that group of countries. A Gypsy community was accused of being the cause of deep crisis and 'been hit Hungary, long before that it was extended to the whole of Europe.

But still, something seems to be changing within the Romani community of that country, more and more, the associative movements are no longer intimidated and begin to "stand up" by supporting policies that allow them, one day, a real equality with the rest of society. As well it demonstrated in Miskolc, with a counter-demonstration that passed parallel to that organized by Jobbik. The awareness of unity and act together in situations like this is the key to start putting things in their place, and do not allow or give ground to those who want to grab us.

José Alfredo Maya Maya

Presidente de la Federación Maranatha de Asociaciones Gitanas

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