The Summit of Hope

Córdoba, Spain is hosting the Second European Rroma Summit on the 8th and 9th of April, which coincides with the celebration of the International Rroma Day.

European Union politicians and their governments will be looking to reconcile positions to reach agreements that are committed to erradicating the discrimination and inequality that exists between gypsies and the rest of society.  This unique opportunity in history should be taken advantage of and used to design a better future for people who have been misunderstood, persecuted or excluded from societies’ futures for centuries.

Becoming aware of this necessity is a large step, but it is important that this does not turn out to be a fashion or a political trend. Millions of people across Europe will be waiting expectantly to hear what decisions are made in Córdoba.

It is said that this will be the most important summit held in Spain during their presidency of the European Union, and of equal importance, their desire to lead the process of inclusion and future progress of the Rroma Community. In turn, the European Commission has clearly defined its position on the matter by showing that their priority in the different programs they lead is to start the normalization process moving.  This would aid the inclusion of the Roma community in all Member States, and also for future member countries.     

With reference to this, a resolution in the European Parliament on the 25th March casino online unanimously requested a "critical analysis of the political errors" made so far in connection with the "inclusion" of the Rroma Community.  In addition to this, a "political and strategic commitment" will be required for the second summit to aid the Romani Community through the increase of possibilities for development and progress.  Special emphasis was made with regard to the need for “effective” use and control of funding received by local governments to promote inclusion.

“eficacia”Our future and survival depends as much on the funding as it does on the "effective" en su aplicación.use of it.  Local governments and the Commission itself should therefore control the correct "distribution and share” of funds to make sure that the money gets to where it should be and is used for what it is really meant for.   

It appears that "something is really moving" in the right direction, within the European Union and beyond, in countries like Turkey, where for the first time they are "sitting down and listening to requests from fellow Rroma” and make promises to fulfil these. 

All of this "movement" from one side and another is like a light at the end of a tunnel, giving new hope for the Rroma Community.  We hope that this is not just a false expectation, as it lies in the hearts of millions of Rroma people who up until now had lost all conviction in policies which were never really committed to their needs.

CumbreDue to the lack of faith as a consequence of the persecution and exclusion suffered by the Rroma people for centuries, it has made it very difficult to make them believe that the Córdoba Summit is able to make a change.  Therefore, it would be devastating for them if nothing ever came out of this “promising" event, and that all proposals made were reduced to another new statement of good intentions.  Intentions that would merely be typed up, signed by all attendees and filed away. 

TranslationDawn East

Mundo Gitano

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