László Andor 

László Andor, the European Commissioner of Employment, Social Affairs and Inclusion, holds three portfolios that are of special relevance in the European Union.  These portfolios include management of the European Social Fund, Social Dialogue, and the Inclusion of the gypsy community.

At times like the present, promoting employment and making it compatible with social protection, overcoming the discrimination and inequality suffered throughout history by twelve million Roma citizens, would in most people´s opinion require the command of an ‘alchemist’; way outside the scope of human understanding. 

Profound knowledge of national and international economic structures is required to be able to carry out reforms that will lead to the end the recession.  Along with this, great courage and firmness are also needed to bring about the measures that will make this possible.  These measures must also be applied to “social affairs” and the “inclusion” of disadvantaged people.

This is a difficult “puzzle” and one that only wise minds with a vision of the future can solve.  Commissioner Andor who, as a good economist knows, that despite the apparent separation between the three portfolios the opposite is in fact true.  All three come together to form an efficient link that will allow social and economic recovery in the modern-day Europe.  Key points, such as true, holistic progress of the gypsy people by way of continued help throughout their lifecycle, starting at preschool education.  This was manifested by the Commissioner in his quest to put an end to the current “circle of poverty and marginalization”.

Lásló Andor strongly believes that it is possible to achieve each and every one of these objectives and his face transmits the calmness and confidence of someone who has the necessary “know-how” to do this.  His strong determination will be a key element in achieving the inclusion of the Roma Community in Europe in the midst of a recession of this type.  If this finally happens, it will allow the “remodelling” of certain structures which until now have possibly not been quite as effective as they could have been.

A successful outcome would constitute a historic feat comparable only to the greatest of sagas, if we consider the “enormous gap” that exists between the majority society and the gypsy community.  This gap until now has only been “slightly” narrowed as previous attempts to reduce it have hardly made a noticeable difference.

Lázló Andor is therefore our hope that the barriers that have existed for thousands of years and that are presently restraining our future will finally be brought down.  On Friday, 9th April Andor held a meeting with the President of the Maranatha Federation and administrator of this website, José Alfredo Maya Maya.  The interview that took place at this meeting will be published next week along with a greeting for the international Roma community from the Commissioner himself.  (Please see video).

We would like to thank the Commissioner for his time and consideration, but most of all for his sincere desire to put an end to centuries of exclusion.  Although the list is rather long, on this occasion we would like to thank the people who have made this meeting possible; Gabriella Kovacs from the European Union Commissioner´s Cabinet, Dawn East (Alba) for her translations, Alejandro from the European Commission Office, Mari Luz from Protocol, Isabel and Sonia from the Ministry, the Spanish Government Presidency Cabinet who provided our interpreter (thank you, María), to Teresa and Marisa of the Official Language School of Córdoba for helping us at a very difficult time.  Lastly, we would like to mention the Secretary of Immigration and Citizenship in Valencia for their help and support in recent months.

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