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 Workshops in schools







General information







45 to 90 minutes

Type of activity

Workshop / Dynamics
group, audiovisual material



Roma community

Promotion of Human Rights

Equality and coexistence

Immigration, diversity and multiculturalism

Integration of groups at risk of social exclusion


Values ​​education

Human Rights which relates

- Right to equality, given that there should be differences and discrimination that exist by reason of belonging to a different ethnicity.

- The right to preserve cultural identity, establishing the inclusion of minorities with respect for their customs and cultural values.




1. Description of Activity

1.1.        Methodological justification

Ethnic minorities and essentially the Roma tend to feel alienated in the educational and social environment in which they operate as a direct result of the widespread rejection exists, and result of the many stereotypes that persist, and even still continue to promote from different media. This leads in turn to a lack of interest in the education system, why not complete the basic training cycle that allows them to social integration.

Facing this situation for required a change of conduct, to implies an awareness by all of all young people and society in general. Also of the young people themselves Roma, who live every day in schools and which often, themselves, end up self-excluded by a lack of esteem and goals "recognizable" to motivate them.


1.2.         General and specific objectives

Overall objectives

This activity is intended to educate young people about the terrible consequences of racist and exclusionary conduct towards the Roma community,. Also promote the values ​​of respect, multiculturalism, equality and

Another aspect important these workshops is incidence in Integration and motivation youth roma forming part pupil where impart workshops (you should seek schools as many incidence young roma) to achieving that strive studying, once established, during the workshop, their own "goals recognizable.".

Thus workshop comply double function, sensitization all pupils regarding Roma but also constitutes a stimulus in concrete case collective gypsy essential for completion studies that traditionally have always abandoned, (having been the lack of training, one of the main causes of exclusion).

Specific objectives

.-   Prevent racist and exclusionary conduct towards  

     the Roma community

 .-   Show a broader dimension of ethnic minorities.

 .-  To raise awareness among Roma youth about the importance of training for the promotion and integration of their communities.

 .- Assess with the young .- another dimension of success, as achieved through the work, effort and training.

 .- To highlight the important role of Roma women in the development and promotion of their communities

 .-  Open a space for reflection and introspection within 

    the group, with the aim of every young person to  

    express their  wants, needs and realities


1.3.         Program activity and support material

Program activity

This activity will show young people some videos where important paradigms of success, especially among youth, in a direct talk about racism and stereotypes towards Roma, but also on the pillars on which should settle the promotion and integration of ethnic minorities, such as training, the importance of the role of women and the European dimension of our society.

Also carried out "round tables" to establish a direct dialogue with the students and to discuss the content and meaning of the audiovisual material shown.

                                         2. learning Objectives

2.1 Educational units

Values ​​education - Inter-culturalism


2.2 Learning objectives

Awareness and consciousness, motivation, self-esteem


2.3 Course contents

.-  Explain the stereotypes about the Roma and their negative consequences in their relations with society and employment.

.-  Importance of training as essential for inclusion

.- Rate another dimension of success through hard work and effort and training.

.- To highlight the important role of women in the development and promotion  

   of Roma communities



2.4 Methodology

The proposed methodology for the development of this workshop is summarized in 5 points

1 .- Ambientar and raise awareness of the issue to be addressed (explanation of stereotypes and its consequences)

2 .- Engage participants

3 .- Discussion and reflection

4 .- Motivation

5 .- Setting goal and commitment


2.5 Development and sequencing of activities

The workshop, after a brief presentation of the project "Roma Source" and its objectives, begins the video projection of Maranatha Federation, so that all attendees are introduced and sensitized to the reality of the gypsy community and its needs.

With the pace that keeps the video and diversity of content and accompanying music,this becomes an excellent and attractive tool to achieve in the shortest time possible, which workshop participants are introduced fully into the subject to be treated.

It then addresses the issue of stereotypes, after a previous explanation for students to understand their meaning and their negative implications for people who suffer. After this explanation, begins the first group dynamics, in which each student must write three familiar stereotypes relating to gypsy then every student reads the stereotypes that have been written and discussed by all.

This is one of the highlights of the workshop, since it generates a great debate and the participation of all students. After discussion, it is projected one of the videos made for "Rome Source" where a celebrity speaks to young people about the Roma. And finally this part of the workshop is projected television spots created by the Federation of Maranatha for "III International Festival of Films for Integration", which shows quite clearly one of the most prevalent stereotypes about the Roma community as are robbery (which are thieves).

Next is the issue of multiculturalism and its importance  enriching in the societies. After discussion of this topic and the students reflect on  leaves, if their behavior with youth from other ethnic groups is the same with others. This part is ended with the screening of another of the videos created for "Rome Source"

To end the workshop, addresses another important issue for young people, such as the "recognizable goals," as they would then explains that his future is in their own hands and can then decide what you really want do and are considered capable of achieving.

This awareness of the need for them to use the time to study and pursue their own goals. It ends with the screening of other videos filmed for "Rome Source" where celebrities tell young people about all the subjects addressed in the workshop ... Stereotypes, racism, Women, Violence, training …


2.6 Organization of space and time to perform the activity

The activity can be done either in the classroom, library or room meeting , and the projection of videos can be anywhere. In terms of time, which can range from 45 to 90 minutes (depending on availability), excluding the length of the projections, the remaining time available is divided equally for each of the issues while respecting the necessary space for reflection and student participation, which is the most important and rewarding activity.


2.7 Expected results


As you develop the activity is progressively plus attractive to students as they get involved in it from the moment they begin to express their views on various issues facing them and that they reflected in the questionnaires they receive. Thanks to this, get the following results:

1.-  Awareness of the systematic exclusion experienced by Gypsies and their tragic consequences for its relations with society and the job search

2.-  Awaken interest and the need for training and study

3.- That the young people think about their future, determine their own "meta recognizable" and committed effort that will take to achieve it.

4.-  Dissemination and assimilation of values ​​for coexistence and respect for multiculturalism.

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